essay on questions given by professor

Discuss the Articles of Confederation. Why was it drafted, what were its limitations, and how did it empower the national government? Also, discuss how the United States expanded with territory shortly after the Articles were ratified in 1781. What were the concerns of elite Americans that brought Attention to the weakness of the AOC and what were some fears that needed to be addressed? Finally, discuss the concerns of the framers and the antifederalists during the ratification process and how each side justified their beliefs.

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This essay is to be paragraphed form, so intro bodies, and conclusion depending on however many body paragraphs is needed. I will indicate the textbook we use in class for this, he doesn’t expect us to use the internet to look up the info… though you may for some additional info. o works cited is needed.. being its a take home essay and essay written on what we learn in these chapters of the textbook.. BUT if something is REALLY needed from online and can’t be written based on knowledge, safe to cite it so he doesn’t think it’s plagiarism..