essay about OFFSIDES

please use simple Vocabulary, all you need is in the files

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The assignment. Today, we tend to think of the sports world as a meritocracy. Regardless of your background, regardless of your gender or race, if you are the best person for the position, you will be able to display your talents without resistance on the field of play. However, throughout sports history, we have seen how race, class, and gender have often held back athletes, a fact that is frequently reflected in American literature. Squeaky might not be the best behaved little kid, but we understand the conventional views towards girls that she must battle against to forge her own identity as a runner. Although the unnamed narrator in “Battle Royal” is quite naïve, we still feel great sympathy for him and the racist boxing match he must endure to give his speech. In “Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio,” the “Polacks” and “Negroes” of a small working class town are “dreaming of heroes” who collide “suicidally” on the football field. This assignment asks you to explore themes of gender or class as they are depicted in a short story. Below are your specific options (NOTE: All texts are available in Canvas Files under “Works for Essay 2”):The relationship between the male coach and his female soccer team in “Offsides.”