essay about japanese history

The essay should be based primarily on the oral histories in Japan at War (Cook and Cook 1992) and secondarily on The Pacific War (Ienaga 1978). Each essay is required to cite a minimum of four different oral histories. Your short essay should be focused on a very specific single topic. Your statements should be based on direct evidence from the two books. Each of the topics is very broad, and you should choose a sub-theme as your main focus. It is about 700-900 words

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1. Who wanted the war?

2. How were soldiers socialized into war?

3. How was the war presented to civilians?

4. How did life with in Japan change during the war?

5. How did things break down toward the end of the war?

6. How can we understand suicide tactics and mass suicides?

7. What experiences did people have in common?

8. What kinds of lessons did people draw from the war?

Whichever topic you choose, be sure to give your paper a descriptive title that reflects your own particular theme.

Please avoid extensive direct quotation from the texts.

Because it is a very short essay, it should be dense, focused, and should go straight to the point.

Here is the link for the Pacific War see if you can read it:

Cite your sources using abbreviated in-line references. For example, … your sentence text…(Ienaga 1978: 230).

In – line citations are part of the sentence: they go inside the sentence punctuation, as in the previous sentence (that is, before commas, semi-colons, or periods).

Citing the oral histories: Please be sure to cite the speaker in each oral history that you cite. For instance, … your sentence text… (Hata Shōryū, in Cook and Cook 1992: 209).

Include a formal bibliography at the end (not included in the word count).