esec100 journal 1

  1. Summarize the article; Article not related to topic assigned – maximum 50% of grade
  2. Discuss how the information is related to the topic discussed in class or in the textbook.
  3. You must cite the source article for your journal. This citation must include the date, article title and complete website URL or magazine, newspaper, or journal information. No citation – maximum 70% of grade

Choose an article that has been published since 2018 discussing one of the following topics.

  • Effects of human population on resource availability
  • Methods for controlling human population
  • Consequences/Benefits of reduced human population in particular countries
  • Water resources: methods for conservation
  • Water resources: methods for obtaining fresh water
  • Water resources: pollutants in fresh water
  • Terrestrial resources: soil erosion
  • Terrestrial resources: agricultural methods
  • Terrestrial resources: organic crops/food
  • Ocean pollution
  • Fishing rights, overfishing, aquaculture

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