Epidemic Disease

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As we go forward, please use this as a template to cite the Attend section. Remember that this information is critical to address questions #1 to #3. Also, for the highest scores, bring in outside, authoritative sources to supplement, not supplant, the information from Attend.


Bethel University, (2018). Fact or Fiction [Video]. Retrieved from http://www.betheluniversityonline.net/

1. How did “anti-septic consciousness” improve public health in America? Why is this approach unsuitable for dealing with HIV/AIDS?

2.Explain how DNA codes for traits? Using your research, explain how mutations in DNA affect this process. Tip: Be sure to discuss RNA and proteins in your answer.

3. Describe some problems associated with the use of antibiotics or vaccinations to treat or prevent disease. Name one way in which our government dictates the administration of vaccines to children.

4.What were the three major outbreaks of influenza during the 20th century and how did governments understand and respond to these outbreaks?

5. What are some of the pro’s and con’s to defining an influenza pandemic as a security risk?