Entry Strategy: Eskom/South Africa short 2-3 page paper; details below

Paper Topic and Key Metrics:

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  1. Entry StrategyDiscuss the mode of entry (Joint Venture, Wholly owned subsidiary, license etc) for the venture. Be sure to give:
    •  The mode of entry. Be as specific as possible.
    •  If appropriate, what relationships or partnerships will be built, with whom and why
    •  Reasons behind the choices

This Paper should be specific on the Energy Company Eskom in South Africa. I will only be working on the Mode of Entry part of this assignment.

The final project for this course is a written International Investment Report (this is just a piece). Your company (Eskom) wants you and your colleagues to research a possible investment in a foreign country.

You must evaluate the industry (Energy: Eskom) and country (South Africa) of investment to determine if the current circumstances in the specified country (South Africa) an support a business of your type. Issues such as privatization, identification of major competitors and overa ll strategy for entering the country should be discussed. Depending on industry, your branch could be only for local market, to produce products for export (US ma rket), or both. You must define the scenario.

The goal of the project is to analyze the prospects for expanding your company into the foreign country.

Need about 2-3 pages; with references.