Enterprise architecture


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Describe the role of information technology in shaping and delivering business goals, elaborate on strategies, techniques and process and how they contribute to efficient operation and competitive advantage of an organization.


Explain the purpose of requirements gathering and specifically the difference between high-level (sequence) and low-level (class, sequence) designs.  Choose two distinct models of SDLC and explain how they are applied to enhance or create one or all sectors of an enterprise.

3. Explain the role of EA in business and IT alignment, architectural styles and techniques for capturing and documenting architectures. Techniques for analyzing and reasoning about organizational architectures are practiced.


In your view, briefly discuss cost, schedule, and other resource constraints to an organizational re-organization.  Please discuss the role of re-organization or re-engineering in enhancing organizations stability.  Please use your own words and do not attach your response. 

5. Explain and discuss Compatibility Maturity Model (CMM).  How effective do you think this model is in addressing enterprise architectural change? There is no page limit.