engw 3304 annotated bibliography work

Due Thursday, July 18, by 11:59pm:

Now that you’ve revised your inquiry question, you have two main tasks: a) describe your research and research process and b) compile a representative, useful, relevant peer-reviewed corpus of scholarly sources. Follow these instructions and take notes on your research processto complete this assignment:

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Methodology.Exactly what terms did you use for your search? How many hits come up? Create an APA styled list of your ten most relevant sources. Hint: you can use Zotero to do this fairly easily.Include all available metadata, such as authors, institutional affiliation, date, page number, and the name of the journal. You might have sources from different databases. Note which database each source is from, too (Hint: keep track of this information in your Zotero notes).

Introduction to corpus. Survey your corpus, write one to two pages commenting on your experience. You will use this writing as an introduction to your Annotated Bibliography, but for now, post it to the appropriate Discussion Board thread. Some questions to consider:

  • What do you notice about the sources that come up?
  • Are keywords common across sources?
  • How are they organized?
  • What do the authors argue, and why might their readers care?
  • How many authors are involved in the articles?
  • How long are they?
  • Just based on the titles, how might they shape or change the direction of your inquiry?

When appropriate, support your answers with text analysis.