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This assignment requires you to examine a problem related to garbage & wasteand to propose a solution, or solutions, to that problem.

 I have attached the problem and solution, i want an essay about it.

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This essay will be constructed as an academic argument and therefore should be well reasoned, supported with logic-based evidence, and balanced through the consideration of the opposing viewpoint. Plan to write with a skeptical reader in mind. Offer logical arguments backed with the best evidence, testimony, and authority you can find. Use ethos and pathos carefully to help persuade your reader.

I have


1- Prepare a formal outline of your essay, showing your working thesis, main supporting points and supporting examples, positioning of opposing views, and conclusion. 



At least 1,250 words, typed, double-spaced, MLA format, with a Works Cited.

Works Cited: Refer to at least 6 outside sources, in addition to assigned course texts such as Garbology.

A title that represents your perspective of the situation or problem that is addressed in your paper.
A strong introduction that indicates your paper’s position, your argument, and why you have chosen to focus on this topic.

A clear, well-documented explanation of the problem you have chosen to address.
A summary of the perspective of the outside sources you are quoting, especially the parts you agree and disagree with. Utilize the
They Say/I Say templates.
Substantial evidence that serves to convince the reader that you are correct. Make sure the outside sources corroborating your position are
reliable and ethically used.
A clear counter-argument (or obstacles, impediments) and refutation of this argument.
Pertinent, direct quotes from reputable outside sources as listed above. Work toward a good balance between your ideas, paraphrases of outside sources, and quotes. Your voice should be prominent throughout.
A strong conclusion that wraps up your point of view in a manner that allows your reader to understand your opinion.
A Works Cited page

MLA documentation and style.


NOTE: this is an academic level freshmen year essay.