English and literature


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The main characters in both poems must live and learn from their mistakes. Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the 21 year old, the pool hall boys, and the conclusions of both poems. The paragraph should have a topic sentence, 6-10 supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. The paragraph should include a direct quote from each poem. Proofread for grammar and punctuation before submitting.

Look at the following sample topic sentences. You should include the titles and/or authors in the topic sentence and the topic of the paragraph. This should be the first sentence in the paragraph.You can also look at the sample sentences in the Intro to Comp II module for models.

a. Though many readers may sympathize with the narrator of “Jones Hollow” because his brother is addicted to heroin, the narrator actually begins as a hardened, unfeeling man.

b. Not only is the narrator of “Jones Hollow” cruel and unfeeling toward those he views as hopeless deadbeats, but he also lacks emotion in his dealings with his wife and mother.

c. The tragic hero is typically on top of the wheel of fortune, half-way between human society on the ground and the something greater in the sky; however, the narrator of Kamron James’s short story finds himself closer to the bottom than he would like.

Supporting Sentences

Be sure to have 6-10 sentences supporting your topic sentence. Use direct quotes. Please review the in-text citations page of the Intro to Comp II module. Also, look at the Writing about Literature page for guidance. You must use MLA guidelines.

Concluding Sentence

The concluding sentence should come to a point and “clinch” the paragraph.

Sample Paragraph Outline

Below is the simplest outline for the paragraph. You may add sentences to make the paragraph better.

1. topic sentence

2. lead-in sentence

3. direct quote for poem A

4. discuss direct quote

5. lead-in sentence

6. direct quote for poem B

7. discuss direct quote

8. concluding sentence


Upload the Works Cited page for the essay. It should include the literary primary sources. Remember that it must be in alphabetical order, Times New Roman 12.

Upload the essay. Be sure that you have proofread and used MLA guidelines.

Look at the Writing about Literature page, the Documenting page, and the MLA Quick Reference Guide page (#3 in second section for poems) in the Intro module so that you correctly include direct quotes and have the correct body paragraph structure. Also, you must have at least one direct quote from each primary source (the poems and short story from this unit) in the body section of the essay.

Sample Outline

Introduction: write 3-4 sentences about isolation in general and its effects. Do NOT use a dictionary definition. Lead in to the thesis. Use the sample sentences in the Intro to Comp II module to create a good thesis. Be sure to include the authors and/or titles in the thesis.

Body Paragraphs: You should have at least 3 body paragraphs. Each topic sentence should include the title(s) and/or author(s) being discussed in the paragraph and should include the topic of the paragraph that links back to the thesis. The next sentence should be the lead-in sentence. Third, include a direct quote from the literature that supports your topic. Write a sentence that explains how that direct quote supports your idea or opinion. Finally, have a concluding sentence that brings the paragraph to a conclusion.

Conclusion: use one of the conclusion ideas from the Writing about Literature page in the Intro to Comp II paragraph.


You are required to use the following secondary source in the essay next week:

author: A. R. Coulthard

Title: “Joyce Carol Oates’s ‘Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?’ as Pure Realism.”

Publication Info: Studies in Short Fiction, vol. 26, no. 4, Fall 89, p. 505.

Find the article and upload it, or you may copy and paste it into the Required Secondary Source section..You are to upload the ARTICLE itself. Do NOT copy and paste the URL.

If you can’t remember how to use the library’s online sources, use the information given in the first modules to help you. Also, the librarians will be glad to help too if you want to call or visit the campus library.

Always use EMCC’s databases. They are reliable and easy. You may never use general internet sources! They are unreliable. To access EMCC’s databases, go to the EMCC homepage, click on the Library link (found on the on right side under Campus LIfe). Under Research, click on EBSCO Discovery. Using the search options, type in “those winter sundays hayden scalia” and hit search or enter.Once your results appear, be sure to click on the FULL TEXT PDF, not the title, to view the article. To print and/or to savethe article, use the icons on the far right of the screen. Also, to find the works cited info, use the icon on the far right of the screen; when the cursor hits it, it will say CITE. Then another screen will appear. Scroll down until you see the MLA Works Cited entry format. You can copy and paste that to the works cited page. You may have to make adjustments to font, capitalization, and spelling; however, it is a good way to start. Be sure to use the MLA Quick Reference to find the Ebsco example for guidance.

You need to find the article and submit it in this assignment. You also need to read the article because next week you will use a direct quote from this article that will support the theme of your essay. You will include this direct in the paragraph about the poem next week.


This should include the works cited information for every literary selection discussed in the essay and the required secondary source. You can find the works cited info for each literary work within the modules. Since they have been given to you, all you must do is copy and paste them into the Word document. However, don’t forget about the required secondary source. It must be listed too. Go back and find the secondary source, and then look to the right of the PDF document. There are several icons to the far right of the screen. Move your cursor over each one until you find the CITE icon (it looks like a yellow sheet of paper). Then you will see another screen appear. Scroll down until you see the MLA version of the works cited info. Copy and paste that into your works cited page (punctuation may need fixing).


I do not want the Works Cited page here, but I do want the actual secondary sources.

Upload any articles that were found by copying and pasting the ARTICLE, not the link OR by saving them as a Word document and then uploading. There should be THREE secondary sources uploaded. You need one for Trifles, one for “The Storm,” and one for “Sweat.” These are to be literary criticism about the literature itself.

If you used a print source from the library, then take pics or scan the front page (title and editors or authors should be visible) and the page(s) that were used and upload those too.


Part 6 WEEK 11

Create a Works Cited Page of the primary and secondary sources you will use in the essay.


Define the difference in ethics and morals and then discuss the ethical versus moral aspect of the actions of the main characters. Just because an action is moral does not mean it is ethical and vice versa. Include how symbolism, physical setting, and historical setting impact your judgment of these characters and their actions.

You will include a secondary source for each primary source. That means you should use the articles you found that support your topic for Trifles, “Sweat,” and “The Storm.”Each body paragraph should have at least two direct quotes (one from the literary work and one from the secondary source).