English 102

Essay beloved PDF

Write a five paragraph essay based on this prompt:

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  1. An introduction with a clear thesis (Introduction must have background about time period, author, theme, or any other relevant historical detail(s) and thesis must have three controls for the body paragraphs. Thesis must be the last sentence in the Introduction, and it is one sentence.)
  2. 3 body paragraphs with clear topic sentences for each ( Longer paragraphs)
  3. A conclusion with a summary of your points and a restated thesis.

the story about Toni Morrison’s (Beloved pdf) in google , they were 6 people slave bodies are used as sexual tools. Write an essay explaining Morrison’s comments on these acts as she brings them to the forefront. Also, state how the use of slave bodies as sexual tools affected the slaves’ psyche.

out of the six people two of them were sethe and Baby Suggs give their body to live

1. Good Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

2. Follow MLA writing conventions See syllabus or Google- Purdue Owl MLA)

3. Paper must be typed and printed.

4. Quotes and paraphrases must be cited (in text)

5. Make sure you use more than one example in each paragraph (all that relate to the character on the topic).

6. A Work Cited page is needed with the novel only.

7. Print and take to next Thursday’s class.

8. You must have a clear thesis with 3 controls, and it must reflect all aspects of the prompt.

9. You must have clear topic sentences for each body paragraph.

10. You must show evidences, examples, and critical analysis.