engl 1302 writer s self assessment

Writer Self-Assessment (450-600 words)

Welcome to ENGL 1302! We all have different experiences as writers, and different paths that have led us to enrollment in our class this semester. Some of us have a lot of experience with formal writing, and others are newer to it. Regardless of your experience as a writer, now is the time to narrate your own writing journey!

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In your first assessed writing assignment, you will work to profile yourself as a writer. This profile may take many shapes, but generally should give me some insight about who you in an academic writing setting. It may include an overview of your strengths and weaknesses, or perhaps just a look into what your writing process looks like. You may answer questions like: What do you know you can do well? In what areas do you hope to improve during the course of our class? What goals do you have regarding your writing and what would you like to accomplish with your writing this semester?

This is also an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to me. What do I need to know about you as a writer in order for our time together to be most successful? In what ways can I help you be the most successful writer you can be?

To create the strongest impression, you’ll want to support your assessment with evidence from your experiences. For example, if you state that one of your strengths is writing strong introductions, tell us how you would define a strong introduction. Is it most successful when it hooks the reader? Does it place the reader in a larger conversation about the topic? Supplying details like this will allow us to come to an explicit definition of what makes “good” writing.