Employee Compensation and Benefits

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Imagine that you have just been hired by a new company as
the director of the HR department. You have been tasked to hire a new secretary
for the department and to develop an employee compensation and benefits package
that will be used for that position upon hire. Develop a PowerPoint
presentation to present this information to your Vice President. Go to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Website, located at www.bls.gov, for
information regarding organizations and pay in your geographical area. 

Section 1: Narrative

Write a three page paper in which you:

Choose the type of organization for which you
are designing the package.

Develop an employee compensation and benefits
package for this new position. Support your ideas for the compensation/benefits

Section 2: Presentation

Create a twenty (20) slide PowerPoint presentation in which

3. Provide an overview of the employee compensation and
benefits package that you developed in the narrative portion of this assignment.

4. Determine if the employee will be exempt or nonexempt and
discuss how overtime will be handled.

5. Suggest other benefits that might be considered within
the next few months to enhance employee performance and provide job motivation.

6. Provide information on how government regulations will
influence the compensation.

7. Examine data from two (2) organizations listed in the BLS
Website with packages similar to yours, focusing on salary, compensation, and
benefits in order to convince upper management that your package should be
accepted and implemented.

8. Describe how the competitive compensation and benefits
package will align with the HRM strategy.