Emergency Operating Procedures

The aim of this assignment is for you to write a short report on ‘Emergency Operating Procedures in a
Nuclear Power Plant’.

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Report objectives

Your report needs to address the following objectives:

  •  Briefly describe the different plant states and accident conditions
  •  Explain what prompts the transition from one state to another
  •  Explain the purpose and scope of emergency operating procedures
  •  Provide at least one example of plant conditions that require the use of emergency operating
    Report Structure
    Your report is expected to include:

    •  An introduction: where you provide an overview of the topic, why it is important and what your
      report aims to achieve.
    •  A body: where you address the objectives stated in the introduction. The body needs to present the
      ideas in an order that makes sense to the reader; this may not necessarily be the order in which the
      objectives are presented in the introductory section. To achieve this, you could present your ideas
      in one of the following ways:

o Chronological order: from older to more recent.
o Logical order: begins with facts (and maybe assumptions) and then builds a conclusion from


  •  A conclusion: where you briefly wrap up the main points in your report.
  •  References: All the information that you include from other source (websites, books, journal
    articles) must be correctly cited and referenced.
    Your report should be between 1000 and 1200 words long, not including references.