Elements of Culture

Answer each in 250 words

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Discussion 4

Choose one of the proverbs listed in this week’s reading on pages 45-47 and articulate how someone in the non-dominant culture may interpret that message. Is there a proverb, adage, or saying from today that you think speaks from a place of power, from the dominant culture in the United States? How are non-dominant citizens implicated by that saying?

Discussion 5
On page 39, the assigned reading offers several opinions about what the function(s) of culture is/are. Choose the function you least agree with and explain your choice and rationale. What are the faults or weaknesses of the function in your opinion? Do you have experiences in your own life that support viewing that function as less than ideal? Which function do you believe is the most relevant?

Discussion 6
The reading offers eight elements to a transactional model of communication. Using the photograph of two boys in Chapter 2, choose three elements from the communication model that you believe are most important to ‘arriving’ at the moment captured in the photograph. Which of the three elements seems the most important to that photograph and why? Is it possible to gauge verbal communication processes via a photograph?