Effective Sentences

Effective Sentences

This week, instead of doing one of the exercises on revising for effective sentences for your discussion, you will be consciously applying one or more revision tip from Chapter 10 to your Project 2 rough draft. Begin either by looking over the revision suggestions in Chapter 10 and searching for one that might apply to your rough draft of Project 2 or by reading through your rough draft, searching for a sentence that would benefit from being more clearly or precisely stated.

Here’s what to do: First, type up (or copy and paste) the original sentence or sentences (exactly how they were in your rough draft). I suggest you consider revising more than one sentence—perhaps an entire paragraph. (I often find that when I revise one sentence to make things clearer, I need to revise surrounding sentences as well.) Then tell us what revision strategy (or strategies) from Chapter 10 you used to revise it (give the page numbers, partly so we can look at it, too, as we read your posting, and partly to build on last week’s documentation discussion and make sure to cite sources whenever appropriate). And then copy the revision into the discussion posting, giving us surrounding sentences so we can see how it fits into your draft in context.

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