EDU673 Instruct.Strat. for Differentiated Teach Learn D1

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Now that you have been introduced to
the broad framework of becoming a culturally competent teacher, it is your
challenge to make the connection between differentiating and the prospective
impact this concept has in making learning experiences more of a success for
students in diverse classrooms.
Watch the following video:

The video refers to the ideologies
of becoming a culturally responsive teacher and explores the Seven Principles
of Culturally Responsive Teaching.

View the short and informative video, then respond to these questions in
relation to the video and your personal experiences in your Discussion Post:

  1. What would you identify as an important outcome of
    building relationships with your students while focusing on a culturally
    inviting environment that is physically safe, while also providing an
    engaging and positive learning experience?
  2. Considering your personal experience as a student, any
    professional experiences, and your current and past higher-education based
    learning, are the Seven Principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching
    theory realistic or idealistic? Be sure to support your opinion with
    scholarly citations in APA format both in the body of your post and at its