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1-regarding the “agree with” brochure — for attachment one

The pictures of the women are all very good — the audience would certainly “see themselves” in both these images. The visual rhetoric is a requirement of the assignment, so I definitely agree with Haley that you should definitely include a piece of visual evidence (pie chart? bar graph? point graph? You might want to take a look at the recorded lecture on creating visual rhetoric for details on this).

The other point I’d make is that the “foldover” page is mostly blank. A good thing to put here would be information on how to solve the problem described on the first page. This would also be useful because as it stands, taking a hormone test (which is the thing you want your reader to do) isn’t introduced until the very last page. It should really come in much sooner because without that, it’s not possible to show evidence that demonstrates the solution is effective — the middle page here talks about hormone therapy, but not the test, which appears to be the thing you want the reader to do.

2- I’m not so sure about the “disagrees with” brochure. Yes, I agree that you want to change the second picture so that it’s not a copy of the first (I’d suggest one that shows the “problem” your reader has), and yes I agree that I’d change the last picture to reflect a “happy ending.” And yes it needs a chart or graph, along with information on the foldover page.

But beyond that, I think this would benefit from a greater sense of why your reader is against this. There’s nothing that shows that you understand why it is that your reader is against taking this action, and so there’s no way that you respond to it or counter their objection. I think that this would be something to work on in the revision process. for attachment 2