ed506 leadership case study

Leadership Case Study

Annabeth is frequently on her cell phone, as are most kids her age. Her teacher has warned her that if the phone comes out in class, it will be taken away. Annabeth cannot resist. The phone vibrates during class. She tries to hide it behind her books, but the teacher sees it and holds out a hand for her to give up the phone. Annabeth tries to slide it into her bag quickly, but the teacher insists. Annabeth tells the teacher it was an urgent text from her mother and that she had to check it, or her mother would be upset, but the teacher takes the phone and slides it into his desk drawer. He quickly forgets about it and moves on with class.

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Annabeth knows the teacher’s rule is that she cannot have the phone back until her parent comes in with her to retrieve it. She leaves class in tears, and no more is said. The next afternoon after school, Annabeth shows up with a parent to retrieve the phone. When the teacher opens his drawer to retrieve it, the phone is not there. You are the principal at this school and the teacher, parent, and student all come rushing into your office with emotions running high. With all three standing in your office expecting you to solve the problem, what is your next move?

  • What is your first instinctive response? What else comes to mind?
  • How will you assuage the parent and student?
  • How will you advise the teacher?
    • What could the teacher have done to avoid this situation?
    • Is the teacher’s practice of taking phones fair? Legal? Safe? Within school policy? (Reference your state laws, district, and school policies.)
  • How will you assure this issue does not come up again with other teachers?

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.