Economic Impacts of an Aging Society

Please answer each prompt, every question has a couple of prompts 300 words per question.

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  • In many professions, employee skill level improves with years and even decades of practice. The U.S. labor system generally compensates those with more experience. These experienced workers often mentor and train others who are new to an industry. However, some industries and jobs, such as police officers, fire fighters, military, and others, have a forced age cut-off.
  • Many older adults rely heavily on pension systems as their sole source of income.
  • Experience is often sought by employers; yet aging adults who have extensive experience may have a difficult time finding meaningful employment.

Imagine yourself in the role of representative to a group that benefits from forced retirement.

  • Who do you represent?
  • How do you justify the practice?
  • How does the practice benefit most or all parties concerned?

300 words per question.

Initial Post

Describe the current problems facing pension systems and propose one solution to fix one of the problems. Use the readings to support your claims.

300 words per question.

  • Why would employers discount this invaluable experience?
  • Describe whether there are advantages or disadvantages for employers to discount experience.

300 words per question.

You need to use the attachments and the references below. Please cite accordingly and use the materials.