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Project: Civil War Photo Writing Assignment

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Mr. Wheeler’s American History, Section 1

The paper is due: 3/19/2019

Points: 150

Learning Objectives:

After completing this writing assignment, students will be able to:

  • Understand why the US Civil War was a pivotal time in US history
  • Study significant issues and events of the US Civil War, including the main causes & effects, major battles, and leading figures
  • Learn how the US Civil War shaped the future of the United States
  • Research information from historical period photographs


  1. First choose one photo from the National Archive’s online collection of Civil War images found in the link below. Choose the photograph that interests you the most, so you should look at as many as you can. However, do not use images found on other websites.

Where to look:

The National Archive’s Civil War Photo Collection Link: https://www.archives.gov/research/military/civil-war/photos/

From what you read in Chapter 18 (pages 408-441) of your online-textbook (or hard-copy textbook) on the Civil War, you will be expected to answer four questions in essay form. Here is a link to your online textbook:http://k12.kitaboo.com/eBookWs/ebook/history/hist02/Launch.html#

Paper Requirements:

  1. Your paper should be at least four full paragraphs long (paragraphs should be no less than 4 sentences each in length) and must answer the following four questions. Please answer each question separately in its own paragraph and be sure to include the question at the top of each paragraph.

Paragraph Question I:

Describe in detail what is going on in the photograph you chose and explain why you chose it. Be very specific and detailed.

Paragraph Question II:

Use your textbook to describe what was going on during the Civil War at the time this photograph was taken. Be specific.

Paragraph Question III:

Why is it important to look at the photographs of a particular time in history to better understand it?

Paragraph Question IV:

What did this photograph help to teach you about the Civil War? Be very specific.

  1. The top of your paper must include your full name, teacher & subject & date on the right-hand side. In the center below, you must include the title of the paper, which is “Civil War Photo Writing Assignment,” and below that, the number and title of your photograph exactly as it appears on the National Archive website. Please see the example below of what the top of your paper should look like.

Example of what the top of your paper should look like:

Your full name

Mr. Wheeler, American History Section 1


Assignment: “Civil War Photo Writing Assignment.”

Photograph title: “The number & title of the photograph you chose to write on, exactly as it appears on the website.”