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Respond casually to the following posts as if you are having a conversation with the author.


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It’s always a great feeling to receive and award for your work because it shows that you looked at you job as more than just a job and you tourist felt that you gave them more than any other tour guide. People can see and feel when a person cares for a job and it’s not just a pay check for them



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The hospitality industry is all over, I worked at a retirement home where there was a Hospitality Director.  One of my most memorable area of service would be food service. The food was fantastic, just like eating in a restaurant.  This Hospitality Director knew her job, she ran food service, housekeeping, and maintenance.  She ran the kitchen just like a restaurant and the dining area was so comfortable with soft music playing.  The only thing that would make her job better is to have an office on-site.  She work for many different retirement homes.