DS- Powerpoint

Unit III PowerPoint Presentation
First Words: Early Language Development Presentation
Mama. Dada. Fido. Everyone hopes that he or she will be amongst those precious first words of a baby.
As a result of this unit, you will have a much better understanding of how early cognitive development influences language
development. You understand the rules of language, how it develops, and how nature (biology) and nurture (environment)
can impact this development. Now, you have an opportunity to describe your knowledge in a PowerPoint presentation.
For this presentation, you should include the following:
 key points of cognitive development in infancy,

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  1.  the nature of language and how it develops in infancy, and
     methodologies researchers use to assess perceptual development in infancy.
    Use the following as a guide to format your presentation:

    •  A title slide
    •  A minimum of 12 informational slides
  2. o Ideally, a slide should have less than 25 words to prevent the slide from looking cluttered

    o Additional text should be included in the notes section at the bottom of the slide

  •  A minimum of four images
  •  A reference slide
  •  Bonus: Feel free to include anecdotes such as your first words (or those of children, friends, or family) to help
    further illustrate your academic knowledge.
    Remember to keep the text on the slides minimal. Your presentation should be a total of 15 slides, not including the title
    and reference slides. All sources used should be cited and referenced in APA format.