dosage calculations

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1. An IV bag of 500ml D5W is infusing. The infusion pump is set at 50ml/hr. The bag was hung at 0130. When will the infusion be complete?

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2. Order: Lactulose 30 g. Available 10g/15 ml. How many mls are to be administered?

3. The recommended pediatric dosage for a drug is 5-8mg/kg. The safe dosage range for a child weighing 33 lbs. is

4. Compute the average hourly urine output for a total output of 2150 ml in 24 hours (round to nearest whole number

5. Calculate the fluid intact in mls for the following food items. (Assume a soup bowl holds 6oz, a Jell-O cup holds 5 oz and a glass holds 8 oz.

  • 1 bowl tomato soup
  • ¼ quart iced tea
  • 1 lime Jell-O cup
  • ½ glass water

6. Order: Lorazepam 3.5 mg IM. Available 2mg/ml. How many mls needs to be administered?

7. Order: Fentanyl 60 mcg IM. Available 250mcg/5ml. How many mls need to be administered?

8. Order: Reglan 5 mg IVP. Available 10mg/2ml. How many mls need to be administered?

9. Calculate the hourly IV flow rate. The patient’s IV is flowing at 10ml/hr. Ordered: 2mg/hr Available: 100mg in 500ml of solution

  • What is the concentration of the drug in the IV solution
  • How many mg/hr is the patient receiving?
  • Is the patient receiving the appropriate dose?
  • What is the appropriate nursing action, if any?

10. Calculate the hourly IV flow rate. Ordered: An IV of 2mcg/kg/min. Available: 100mg in 250ml. Patient weight = 50 kg

  • What is the concentration of the drug in the IV solution
  • How many mcg/hr is ordered?
  • How may mg/hr is ordered?
  • How many ml/hr are needed to give the ordered dose—round to the nearest tenth of a ml

11. Infuse 1L Lactated Ringers in 7 hours. What is the ml/hr rate?

12. An IV of amiodarone 450mg in 250 ml D5W is infusing at 15ml/hr. What dose is the client receiving?

13. Your 68 year-old patient has difficulty swallowing tablets. The provider changes the order to an oral suspension that contains 25mg/5ml indomethacin. For a dose of 50mg of the suspension the client must have teaspoons

14. The provider orders heparin 3500 units SQ daily. Heparin is available as 5000 units/ml. How many mls does the client receive?

15. Order: Nitroglycerin at 2mcg/kg/min. Patient = 145.2 pounds. The client receives a dosage of mcg/ min

16. Safe dosage: Dobutamine 2.5 – 20 mcg/kg/min. Available: 250mg in 250ml D5W. Client = 143 pounds.The IV flow rates for the lowest and highest dosages for the client are:


17. 200 ml Lactated Ringers is being infused at 33ml/hr. How long will the IV take to infuse?

18. Order: 150 mlg IVPB is to be infused in 90 minutes.

  • If the IVPB is delivered with an infusion pump what rate will you use to program the pump?
  • If the IVPD is delivered by gravity tubing with a drop factor of 15, what rate will you set for the drop factor?

19. A unit of blood (500ml) is hung at 0800 hrs. The flow rate is 40 gtt/min. The tubing drip factor is 10. When will the infusion be complete?

20. Order: infuse 2L NS over 24 hours. What is the ml/hr that you set on the infusion pump?

21. Order: Ampicillin 350mg IM Q6hrs. Available: Ampicillin 1gm. Add 3.5ml diluent. Each ml = 250mg. How many mls will be administered for one dose?

22. Safe dosage range: Order: 50 mg po daily. Child’s weight: 22 lbs. Safe dose range = 10-20 mg/kg/day. Safe to give or hold the dose?

23. Calculate the 24-hr dose in mg. Order: 50mcg Q4hrs. What is the dose for 24 hrs in mg?

24. Safe dosage range:Order: 100mg po Q6hr for a child weighing 40 lb. Safe dose range = 8-25 mg/kg/24 hrs in 4 divided doses

  • Exact weight in kg
  • Safe dose range for this child to the tenth of a mg
  • Total daily dose ordered
  • Safe or hold?
  • If given, amount to be given rounded to the nearest tenth of an ml

25. Calculate the 24-hour dose in mg. Order: 0.25g Q8hrs. What is the dose in mg for 24 hours?

26. The approximate weight of the average US newborn is 2500-4000g (5.5-8.8 lbs). Weight below 2500g is a low birth weight. Convert the following weight to kg and compare to the average weight in lbs.2630 g

27. Safe dose range. Order: 15mg po BID. Child’s weight = 10kg. Safe dose range = 30mg/kg/day in 3 divided doses. Safe or hold?

28. Order: fentanyl 50 mcg/hr IV drip. Available: fentanyl 2.5mg/250ml NS. What is flow rate in ml/hr?

29. Order for PCA morphine: Morphine sulfate 30mg/30ml. Maximum dose: 20mg in 24 hrs. Demand dose: 2ml/dose; Lockout Q12 mins. The client received 16ml in 4 hours. How many times did the client use the demand dose?

30. Terbutaline 5mg in 250 ml D5W to infuse at 15mcg/min. What is the IV flow rate in ml/hr?

31. Order: fentanyl 60 mcg IM. Available: 250mcg/5ml. Amount to give?

32. Order: regular insulin 0.3units/kg/hr IV. Available: regular insulin 100 units in 100ml. Client weight= 220 lbs. What is flow rate in ml/hr?

33. Order: Zovirax, 800mg 5 times daily. Supply: tablets of 400 mg and 800 mg are available. What is the ideal number and mg of tables used to fill the prescription?

34. Order: dopamine 5mcg/kg/min. Patient = 132 lb. What dosage is the client receiving in mg/min?

35. Order: Ticar 0.5g. Available: Ticar 1g. Reconstitute: Add 2ml sterile water—each 2.6mg = 1000mg Ticar. How many ml will you give?

36. Calculate the infusion completion time. 1500ml is infusing at 150ml/hr. The IV was started at 2030. Completion time

37. Ordered: 1000ml D5W to infuse at 60ml/hr. How long will the fluid take to infuse?

38. Calculate the ml/hr to infuse this IVPB: 50 ml in 45 minutes ml/hr

39. An IV of 1000ml is infusing at 83ml/hr, and 420 ml remains to be infused. How much time is left to infuse?

40. Order: Rocephin 500 mg IM BID. Available: Rocephin 0.5g vial. Add 1.8ml diluent to yield 250mg/ml. Add 1 ml diluent to yield 350mg/ml. How many mls will you give if you add 1ml of diluent?

41. Order: ampicillin 200mg PO Q6hrs. Available: ampicillin to reconstitute: Add 72ml water. Shake well to make 100ml. Each 5ml yields 125mg ampicillin. How many mls need to be given?

42. Order: Lovenox 30mg SQ Q 12hrs. Available: 40mg/0.4ml. How many mls will you give?

43. Refer to the sliding scale for regular insulin

Blood sugar

Regular insulin


0 units


4 units


8 units


9 units


12 units


15 units

> 300

Call MD

Order: AM dose: 18 units Humulin 70/30 insulin SQ. AM blood sugar = 192. How much total insulin do you administer?

44.Refer to the above sliding scale. AM dose: 23 units Humulin 70/30 insulin SQ. AM blood sugar = 242. How many units do you administer?

45. Administer 1000ml IV fluid at the rate of 125ml/hr. The gravity set delivers 10gtt/ml. The IV was hung at 0700. At 1100, you check the IV and there is 400ml left. Recalculate the gtt/min for the remaining solution

46. Give a patient phenylephrine IV infusion at 100 mcg/min.You have on hand phenylephrine 100 mg/150 mL.Set the infusion pump at _____mL/h.Bonus question:what is the concentration of this drug in mg/mL?_____How many mcg/mL?_____

47. A patient is to receive dobutamine 1 gram in 250 mL NS at 8 mcg/kg/min.The patient weighs 175lbs.You should set the pump at _____mL/h.

48. Give gentamicin 80 mg IV every 24 hours for a child who weighs 14 kg.The recommended pediatric dosage of gentamicin is 4.5-7.5mg/kg every 24 hours.

The recommended minimum single dose for this child is _____mg

The recommended maximum single dose for this child is ______mg

Is the dosage ordered safe?__________

49. Give argatroban 250mg/250 mL at 15 mcg/kg/min for a patient that weighs 225 lbs.(Round your answer at the very end to the nearest tenth.)

Set infusion pump at ________mL/hr

50. Calculate the Intake and Output for this patient from 0700-1200:

At 0730:

6 juiceVoided at 0930:250 mL

2cupscoffeeVoided at 1100:275 mL

French toastVoided at 1500:350 mL

4 oz water with pills

At 1130:

1 cup milk

4 oz jello

1 sandwich

8 oz diet soda

At 0800:IVPB medication in 100 mL 0.9% NS

At 1400:IVPB medication in 100 mL 0.9% NS

Total Intake: ____________mL

Total Output:____________mL