Doing the Final Report


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  1. Title page with Individual, instructor name, course name, and name of the industry and company discussed.
  1. Revised Executive Summary Analysis: The executive summary analysis should contain no more than 5 pages.
  2. Revised body of the report. Should present detail information pertaining to the analysis of the firm and the environment in which the firm exists. There is no page limit on the body of the report nor exhibits and tables. Exhibits should be inserted at the end of the report. Sources for facts and beliefs should be carefully and properly referenced.
  3. Evaluation criteria will include structure, style, substance, and creativity. (Standards for documentation as given in style manuals must be employed.) Structure refers to the organization of the report and will consider such issues as the logical flow of ideas, appropriate use of subsections and paragraph construction. Style refers to the correct and proper use of language, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and professional tone. Substance refers to the use and documentation of facts, reasonable assumptions and implications, and analysis