document interpretation

HIS 111-701

Document interpretation assignment #2: Thomas Paine, “Common Sense” (Documents pp. 97-103)

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Purposes of the Assignment: The purposes of this assignment are to examine a document that constitutes a primary historical source, for the student to interpret that document in an essay, and to give the student an opportunity to further develop writing and reading comprehension skills.

Answer the following questions:

1) How, according to Paine, should the colonists of North America alter their relationship to Great Britain? Why?

2) What, according to Paine, would be the benefits of altering the colonial relationship with Great Britain?

3) How does Paine employ anti-Catholicism in his argument?

No Outside source should be use, reading the textbook reading and answer the question and analysis the reading

The textbook is: for the record a documentary history of america 6E vol 1

I can also provide PDFs of the chapter if the tutor needs it.