do the literature review. and read the instruction below

Begin thinking of possible research questions for your topic. Be as specific and singular as possible! Begin sharing these ideas in this discussion board and brainstorming ideas and possible research directions as well “funnel” questions down to researchable topics. Your peers are to dialogue and provide feedback to you, on their interpretation of your proposed research questions.

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It is provided to help your peers in a collegial manner.


You may also use this forum to collaborate on your initial research question, literature search output, literature review, and annotated bibliography.

Take the articles you found, related to your selected topic, that were from peer reviewed, scientific or academic journals, less than 5 or 10 years old. Read them critically. Analyze these articles and provide your annotation.

Pay particular attention to the ‘methods’ section, and look for bias, power, and significance. These terms are perhaps new to some, and be explored in depth in the coming weeks; for now report on the authors statement of these aspects, or omission of mention!