Disruptive Technology and Innovation Research Paper, business and finance homework help

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Define and describe disruptive technology/innovation, discuss the benefits and disadvantages, review the literature on the topic and provide research data on any two highly disruptive digital technologies, products or services to support their impact on life and work or on industries and economies, make predictions and or recommendations (if any) and draw conclusions.

The research paper is six pages in length.

The research paper has a cover page, table of contents, and a citations page (these are not included in the page count).

APA format citing at least four (research) sources of information. It will have major sections, such as Abstract, Introduction, Background, Topic Analysis (benefits and disadvantages, literature review, research data – including preferably tables, figure, charts etc.), limitation of study (if any), predictions (if any), Conclusion and References.

*Absolutely NO Plagiarism, as the assignment will be submitted thru Turnitin.