Discussion3: Introduction to Rhetoric

please follow instructions

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Discussion #3: Introduction to Rhetoric

For this discussion, you will apply the rhetorical concepts you learned about last week to your own life.

By Thursday

Below is a video called “Subtext: Tales of Mere Existence.” This video features what goes through one man’s mind as he writes to a girl he met . (Instead of an email, imagine this were a text message in today’s world!) As he writes, his rhetorical choices are revealed. We make these same sorts of rhetorical choices in emails, texts and conversations that we have too.

As you watch, look for rhetorical moves he makes and why he makes them. Pay attention to word choice and how different words can potentially affect his audience.

After you have watched it a few times, please respond to the following questions:

Paragraph 1: How did Lev appeal to Mimi’s emotion in this video? How did he build his ethos and appear likable? How did he make himself sound logical and appeal to Mimi’s reason? What else did you notice about the way he crafted his email and the conscious choices he made as he revised his wording?

Paragraph 2: Give an example of a conversation you recently had in your everyday life in which you were trying to persuade someone of something. Maybe it was over text, in-person, or an email that you wrote. Maybe it was a conversation with a boss, friend, partner, child, etc. What was the situation you were in? What were you trying to persuade your audience of? What rhetorical moves did you make and/or appeals to ethos, pathos or logos? Did it work?

Your reply to this thread should be 150-300 words. You will not be permitted to view other students’ threads until you post your own. You will also not be able to edit or delete your thread once it is posted, so be sure you have followed directions carefully and proofread your work.