discussion questions to be answered

For each of the questions below, the provided answers need to be 200 words and 2 references must be listed below your provided answers for each question. This is a question and answer type of paper, standard apa paper writing practiced do not apply.

  1. What are best practices used by hospice staff to help a dying individual transition from life to death? Discuss at least three components of hospice care. Then, compare these elements to other forms of life options. What form of end-of-life care would you want for yourself? Why?
  2. Why are fewer autopsies occurring in the United States today? Discuss the importance of a death certificate and the cause of death after someone expires.
  3. What are the steps to preparing a last will and testament? What aftermath does a child face when their parent dies without a will?
  4. What are the advantages of trust over wills, why would one consider to create a trust rather than a will, which one would you choose?

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