discussion questions Criminal Evidence and Proof

In Warshak v. United States (2007), the Court compared the importance of Fourth Amendment protections to e-mail communications as similar to that of telephone conversations. Do you agree with the ruling? Discuss the three situations in which the Court allowed for the seizure of e-mails by the government.

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United States v. Ross (1982) is one of the top five cases in vehicle stops, searches, and inventories. Discuss the case and its importance in law enforcement. What about this case makes it important to police officers? Discuss what effect it has likely had on the behavior of police officers.

In Horton v. California (1990), the Court eliminated the inadvertence requirement of the plain view doctrine. Without the inadvertence requirement is it possible that police officers can manipulate the plain view rule? Discuss what possible ways officers might do so? Is it possible that the inadvertence rule was hampering the ability of police officers to effectively do their job? Discuss how this might be the case.