Discussion Questions BIS/320 AND BRM/353

Answer each question with minimum 250 words, use in text citations if using someone else’s opinion, and reference the source as well.

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Part 1: Discussion Questions BIS/320 BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Question # 1 : What is the difference between a client and a server? Explain the functions of client and server computers. How do the hardware requirements differ? How do they each support business goals? Cite specific examples.

Question # 2 : Cloud Environment Impacts: (One emerging technology that was recently in the news is cloud computing. If you do not know what cloud computing is, it basically is the leasing of computer, storage and networking, and data center resources on some specific unit basis from an organization that currently runs that infrastructure (Smith, 2009). Clouds are typically shared environments which can lead to problems.)

Do some research on clouds and see if you can identify some organizational issues with using the cloud environment. How has it impacted their business?

Part 2 Discussion Questions BRM/353 PRODUCT AND BRAND MANAGEMENT

Question #1: What is a brand? Why is it important to know your customer when creating a brand? What are the benefits of a strong brand? Consider one of your favorite brands of food; what makes that brand different? What does the brand mean to you?

Question # 2: What is the relationship between a product and a brand? Is one more important than the other? What is an example of a product that does not have a brand associated with it? Why is it important to maintain an association between a product and a brand?

NOTE: Answer all question in 1 word document, make sure you list the questions and then answer the questions within the minimum word requirement, don’t forget to use in-text citations and include the references as well within each answer.