Discussion Questions 150 words for each question

First thing, I want you to do before you answer that question. Read the paper I send you and follow those instructions.

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To support the 100 or 150 words comments you must base on those attachments readings I send to you

Answer those questions According to those attachments I send to you.

Week 2 Discussion Questions

  • 1) Can you think of any circumstances where circumstantial physical evidence would be preferred over direct physical evidence?
  • 2) Consider the various pieces of circumstantial and direct physical evidence in the Laci Peterson murder investigation. Which is the stronger evidence against Scott Peterson, circumstantial or direct? Why? (REFER TO THE SCOTT PETERSON CASE DOCUMENT)
  • 3) Why is it a good idea to keep re-checking the crime scene?
  • 4) How can the location of an interview or interrogation affect its outcome? Provide examples.
  • 5) What methods can be used to document interviews and interrogations? Elaborate on each.
  • 6) Why can’t polygraph examinations be used as direct evidence in court?

Required readings:

Ogle, R. R. (2011). Crime scene investigation and reconstruction (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle

River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. (ISBN: 978-0136093602)

Osterburg, J. W., & Ward, R. H. (2013). Criminal investigation: A method for

reconstructing the past (7th ed.). Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing (ISBN: 978-


Additional Recommended readings:

Fisher, B. A. J. (2004). Techniques of crime scene investigation (7th ed.). Boca Raton,

FL: CRC Press.

Lyman, M. D. (2002). Criminal investigation: The art and science (3rd ed.). Upper

Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Turvey, B. (1999). Criminal profiling. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

You must answer the questions thoroughly and cite all relevant assigned readings for that week (using APA format).

DO NOT refer to or incorporate information from extremely unreliable sources (e.g., Wikipedia, TMZ, and The Onion).

Posts must be well written, free of grammatical errors, relevant to the topic, and demonstrate critical thinking and analysis.