Discussion question on history

Please respond to the following: (Note: Please make a substantive comment to one (1) of your classmates.)

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“The Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance”

In one of the largest migrations in American history, the 20th century saw African Americans leave the South in large numbers. They sparked cultural changes everywhere they went. In New York City, one of the most important intellectual and artistic movements in American letters, the Harlem Renaissance changed American writing, music, and art in a profound way. Choose 2 figures from the Harlem Renaissance and explain how their work reflects the changes in African American society at the time.

Henry Louis Gates does a great job explaining this period in this documentary.


Here is a great video about the Great Migration and some of the people who were part of its later phases.


  • OR

“The Economics and Politics of Depression”

  • Identify two causes for the Great Depression and the government’s responses to each of them. Was that response adequate? How did the responses of the Hoover and the Roosevelt administrations differ? What impact did this have on American society?