Discussion Post Replies

See attahcemnts. Just reply to the two posts. 200 words each.

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These were the original questions –

  1. o you support WeWork’s policy regarding serving and reimbursing meals containing meat? Use at least one ethical theory to justify your response. In doing so, aim to show that you understand McKelvey’s moral argument and the moral tradition of your chosen theory.
  2. What responsibilities, if any, do businesses have to protect the environment? Please use this week’s assigned textbook readings to justify your response.
  3. Regardless of your position in 3, businesses can take action to mitigate environmental damages and their carbon footprints. Identify one other action that businesses could take to mitigate climate change, and explain its potential impact. Use outside research to support your position.
  4. What do you think is the best way to reduce your own carbon footprint? Explain, and use at least one example.