Discussion: Fundamentals of Program Evaluation

In Discussions throughout this course, you will engage in scenarios where you are part of a program evaluation committee. You will have the opportunity to benefit from your colleagues’ experiences as they, too, assume a role in a committee and share their thoughts in Discussion posts and responses.

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Consider the following scenario:

You are working in an educational setting and your district supervisor, Dr. Jones, has asked you to start learning about program evaluation. The goal is to prepare you to be a part of the evaluation of a specific program in your educational setting. Dr. Jones would also like you to provide some background information on the program, share your professional experiences, and demonstrate your understanding of the ethical issues related to serving as an internal and external evaluator.

To prepare

Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the following:

  • Consider the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation Program Standards and relate these standards to any professional experiences you may have had with a program evaluation in an educational setting.



Post the following information for your district supervisor, Dr. Jones, so she can evaluate your strengths and your areas for professional development as a part of the program evaluation committee:

  • Based on your professional experience, identify a specific program in an educational setting and explain how it might benefit from a program evaluation effort. Describe your past or present experience with evaluating an educational program either formally or informally. Be sure to include your role and/or participation in the evaluation process.
  • Share your strengths as a program evaluator and your areas for professional development.
  • Explain the importance of ethical behavior when serving as an internal and external evaluator; be sure to justify your answer.
  • Support your post with two or more references to this week’s Learning Resources and/or scholarly sources within the last 5 years beyond the course material.