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1) Visit Web sites of a company you might be interested in working for. Name the company and list its URL. Review  and report about the benefits they offer.  Does the compensation plan motivate you? Why or why not?  What types of compensation and benefits motivate you?  Which ones motivate you to want to work with and stay with the organization?  Name at least four benefits.  Where would these fit on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory?  Use at least one reference to support your comments .

2) Which training delivery method do you think you personally would prefer in a job and why?  What do you see as advantages and disadvantages to each type of training method?  Use at least one reference to support your comments .

3) Consider all the tasks and functions in HR. If you were going to work in HR (regardless of your current interests or degree program), which one would you select and why? Use at least one reference to support your comments .

***Please address all questions and offer meaningful, detailed and in-depth discussions and arguments for each one of the 3 topics.  Be specific, share your experiences and give examples. Support your arguments with solid references . Preferred Times New Romans 11 singled-spaced.