Discussion: Exploring Educational Technology and Program Acknowledgements

When you visit the websites listed in the Module 1 Learning Resources, consider how each organization addresses a slightly different audience by providing a variety of niches for educational technologists. The International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) supports P–12 teaching, while the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is “dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace” (Instructional Psychology & Technology). While all of the organizations and their publications focus on an aspect of educational technology, the targeted learning settings often differ. Consider which of these organizations are of greatest interest and offer the best fit for you as an educational technologist, and include these in your PLN that you develop in this module.

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To prepare for this Discussion, view the two videos on the evolution of educational technology, and read the assigned pages in the course text. This module’s Learning Resources reveal the many facets of the field of educational technology. In this Discussion, you will explore these facets as they relate to your own professional practice.

DISCUSSION 1: Explain what surprised you from the websites about the different organizations in the field of educational technology and about which you would like to learn more. Identify what you believe to be the core competencies associated with expertise in educational technology. Describe what you believe to be the role of an educational technologist in your workplace setting.

Resources: http://www.customermagnetism.com/infographics/what…




Needs to be deeper in answer. One page and half minimum. Please no plagiarism. Add resources and quotations.