Discussion Board in English (Health Issue)

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Choose a health issue.

Describe the health issue and causes. (5 points)

Describe the statistics and health disparities of the health issue in the United States (how the health issue is distributed unequally among certain populations e.g. by age, race, gender etc.). (5 points)

Examine the health disparities through the lens of 1 of the 5 broad factors (1- individual factors 2- social/cultural factors 3- socioeconomic and structural factors 4- political factors 5- environmental factors ) that contribute to behavior described in the Social-Ecological Web. (5 points)

Identify 1 local or national campaign designed to influence behavior targeted towards this health issue.  Describe the program or intervention, the sponsoring organization, and some of their priorities and if they have a target population. (5 points)

You must cite your sources for full points.  Plagiarism will result in a grade of “F” (0 points).

To know more information about this check the Power Point below. 

ecological web.pptx