Discussion Assignment: Medieval Pilgrimage

1. Discussion posts should be 2 paragraphs and should thoughtfully engage with the topic and cite examples.

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2. Read the following short essay on Pilgrimage routes and cults of the relics. https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/medieval-world/latin-western-europe/romanesque1/a/pilgrimage-routes-and-the-cult-of-the-relic

3. In discussion post a description of what kind of activity or journey you can describe as a modern, secular (non-religious) or contemporary religious kind of pilgrimage. Make sure to justify why you would describe it as such. You must reference a specific part of the reading in your post.


Your post is 2 paragraphs (each paragraph must be a minimum of 5 sentences.)

Your post directly references the assigned reading only (no googling the topic and copying what you find)

You write clearly with appropriate tone and grammar.