Discussion ( 6 questions/each one 150words)

Read 2 articles in the link below, answer 6 questions, each one 150words ( no outside sources in internet, only answer questions based on the link below)

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Article 1 :https://hbr.org/2016/03/branding-in-the-age-of-soc…

Holt, Douglas (2016), “Branding in the Age of Social Media,” Harvard Business Review, March, 41-50.

  1. How would you overcome the challenges of “Branding in the Age of Social Media?” Explain with specific arguments.
  2. “On social media, what works for Shakira backfires for Crest and Clorox.” Why does this happen? Explain.
  3. What is “cultural branding?” Explain how Chipotle uses the principles of cultural branding.

Article 2: https://hbr.org/2017/05/whats-your-data-strategy?f…

Dallemule, Leandro and Thomas
H. Davenport (2017), “What’s your data strategy?” Harvard Business Review, May-June, 113-121.

1. Discuss the importance of data management in organizational decision making. How is the new approach of the article different from what we already knew?

2. The authors argue that in a data strategy ” The key is to balance the offense and defense.” What do they mean? Explain.

3. Explain how “Single source of truth (SSOT)” and “Multiple versions of truths (MVOTS) are related to the organizational data strategy.