discussion 2351

30: Personality Traits and 31: personality Assessment

Here are some personality tests that you can take for this Discussion board.

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Take one of these (or all of them if you want to…) (Links to an external site.)

Now take this test and post your results on the board. (Just summarize not the whole report) (Links to an external site.)

This one is really interesting… You will learn more about it in the Next unit… (Links to an external site.)

There are a ton of vocabulary for this section – Focus on the Validity of the the tests..

Autobiographical reasoning
Big Five
Ego, ID and Super Ego
The Age 5-to-7 Shift
Collective efficacy
Ego depletion
Implicit motives (Associations test)
Self-enhancement bias
Personality traits

NOW watch this video about an Introvert (Links to an external site.) and this one about another introvert (Links to an external site.) – and this one of an extrovert (Links to an external site.). Full disclosure – I am an annoying extrovert if there ever was one..

How well do you think the tests define how you are?

How well do the videos explain what the tests show?