discussion 2289

  • Comment on availability of birth control in U.S. schools, family planning programs in school, the ethics of forced birth control, or how education can affect a woman’s childbearing, etc. (150 words)
  • Recent economic historians point to FDR’s New Deal as prolonging the Depression and not solving the problem. Some political historians have gone so far as to claim that the New Deal was designed to create a permanent socialist state controlled by the Democratic Party.True/False or sour grapes from the Republicans who did the same thing during Reconstruction? (200 words)
  • Review Andrew Wilson’s article ‘Five Myths About the Great Depression (100 words)
  • How did consumerism, new technology and advertising change American culture in the 1920s? (150 words)
  • Do you think it is potentially beneficial to provide very young children with computers? Proponents argue that the earlier we start children out using technology, the better for them, as we are living in a technological society. Opponents say it is detrimental because it deprives a child of social interaction in his/her early years. (200 words)
  • After defining what an agent of socialization give specific examples of how each of the family, school, peer groups, mass media, gender has influenced you to be the person who you are today (200 words)