Discuss the relationship between gangs and drugs, law homework help


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4a) It is common knowledge that most gang members use drugs recreationally, especially marijuana, ecstasy, PCP, speed, crack cocaine, and heroin. It is also commonly known that many gangs sell drugs. Delaney (2013) noted that the level of gang participation in the distribution of drugs remains unclear. Furthermore, although there is no evidence to suggest that gangs are responsible for shipping drugs into the country from foreign markets, it is true that many gangs are capable of creating their own drugs in methamphetamine labs and thus operate as distribution centers.

For this week’s class discussion, please respond to the following:

    • Discuss the relationship between gangs and drugs.
    • To receive full credit, include the gang’s involvement in the use, sale, and distribution of illegal drugs.
    • Describe what is currently being done to combat gang involvement in the drug trade, and discuss whether or not these tactics are effective.

Cite properly per APA in-text and reference list protocols.