Directed Self-Reflection Summary

My class is Creativity problems and solving.

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Directed Self-Reflection Journal Capturing your thoughts, insights, and aha moments is an integral aspect of the Creative Problem Solving Process. The process of regularly documenting your internal thoughts requires discipline, and is a hallmark of the creative life. Specific activities are suggested to facilitate this process and you are encouraged to “capture” your thoughts in a manner that works for you (journal, sketchbook, video blog, podcast, etc.) While you are not required to submit your self-reflection activities as you work on the, you will be required to submit a self-reflection paper at the end of the course. This self-reflection paper should include the insights you captured in your self-reflection journal.

Write a 1-2 page summary of your creative journey throughout this course. Be sure to include:

  • what you discovered about yourself.
  • what you discovered about the creative process through the directed self- reflection journal exercises.
  • what did you find surprising or affirming through the process.
  • other thoughts or impressions about the creative process.

** My challenge was how I can learn another language as native.

I used some flashcards and music.

And we learn Goal Setting, Metaphor and Analogy.