describe the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.

You will prepare an APA-style research paper to discuss energy topics, as follows:

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  • In your own words, describe the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.
  • Explain how these scientific laws apply to energy use, energy conversions, and the need for energy efficiency.
  • Describe the pros and cons of the following energy types, writing 1 paragraph for each:
    • Fossil fuel: Oil, natural gas, and coal
    • Nuclear energy
    • Solar energy
    • Wind power
    • Water (hydro) power
  • In the United States, 29% of all of the energy consumed is used for transportation; this is second only to electricity generation (39%). Watch this short video on using algae for producing fuel: Energy 101 | Algae-to-Fuels.
    • Which characteristics make algae the most competitive as a fuel source? Which make it the most environmentally friendly?
    • With what you have learned in assessing the pros and cons of other energy sources, how does fuel from algae compare?

Utilize at least 1 credible source to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite appropriately within your paper and list the reference(s) in APA format on your Reference page.

Your paper should be 2 pages minimum in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirements, it should be double-spaced and include a running head and page numbers.


U.S. Department of Energy. (2012, September 5). Energy 101 | Algae-to-fuels [Video file]. Retrieved from