Describe any organization with critical situations and solutions as a good leader


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Title of your assignment

Student Name

Westcliff University

BUS 500Organizational Leadership

Dr. Jennie Wong, EdD, MBA, SPHR

dateTitle of your assignment

(Brief introduction to the organization and the department/unit under study)


(Describe the situation resulting from a non-existent or poorly implemented process in your work environment (past or present).

Becoming a Better Leader

(Explain how you might be able to become a better leader by improving the process stated above (or processes). What kinds of risk-taking and experiments might you be able to undertake? What are the tradeoffs and potential benefits? Writing in first person is OK for this section)

Planning Process for the Process Change

(Describe the planning required to lead the process changeyou recommended).

Building Commitment

(Now that the process change has occurred, explain how will you build commitment within the organization to support the new change)


(your final thoughts about the impact of leadership re: improving processes)