Decision Making Models

For this Week’s Discussion, review the following five ethical decision-making models. An overview of these five ethical decision-making models can be found in the Learning Resources.

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  • Koocher and Keith-Spiegel’s nine-step ethical decision-making model
  • Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists: The 10-step ethical decision-making process
  • James Rest’s four-step ethical decision-making model
  • Jones’s four-step intensity-contingent ethical decision-making model
  • Fisher’s eight-step ethical decision-making model

Post by Day 4 a description of the decision-making model most applicable to your area of specialization and explain why it is most applicable. Describe an ethical dilemma you encountered or observed. Explain how using this model might have changed the outcomes. Please note that the confidentiality of Discussions cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, please do not include identifying details of actual individuals or organizations in your responses.