​Data Analysis Assignment Paper

My research question is: Social Effects of Online Classes

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Data Analysis Assignment Paper

The fifth thing you need to do is analyze your data using either qualitative and/or quantitative methods. For this fifth step, using the techniques we go through in class, you need to write up an analysis of your data. You need to describe what is going on in your data based on the analysis you did of it — what is happening in your data? In the paper, you should fully and clearly describe the following:

a) what data analysis method you used,

b) why did you use that analysis method, referring to course discussions/readings,

c) what are the results of the analysis, such as statistics or codes.

This is only the results of the analysis – your interpretation of the results will come later. This is just the facts, not how the facts answer your research question. This paper should be 500-1000 words long.