Cyberbullying: Hypothetical Study/Research Project

The topic for this research is Cyberbullying. This needs to be 6 pages double spaced with APA style formatting. Please use your own words as the school checks for plagiarism. I have included 4 journals to look at. Please answer all of the this pertinent information.

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Prompt: For this part of the final project, you will create an introduction that includes a literature review of research pertinent to the topic area you have chosen. This introduction should contain the following elements, which will demonstrate your ability to interpret psychological research and develop research questions regarding unexplored topic areas:

 An overview of your chosen topic

 A specific statement about your thesis—the assertion that you are making based on your theoretical and background knowledge

 A statement of the hypothesis to be tested through your proposed research

 An overview of the proposed research, including the general research strategy you will use

 A description of the existing knowledge on the topic

 A literature review of resources relevant to the chosen topic (For this milestone, your literature review should include at least five scholarly sources that you identified in the Module One discussion.)

When preparing your literature review, remember to address the following:

Describe the existing knowledge about your topic related to your research question:

o What is already known about the topic?

o What is not known?

o How did this study add to the knowledge base for your topic?

Critically review the existing studies:

o Are there flaws in their designs, such as sample size, or systematic errors that could be improved upon in your research?

o Are there flaws in the logic of interpretations or conclusions?

o State and evaluate the author’s suggestions for applying, extending, or improving their research.

o Are there contradictory results or unanswered questions that could be addressed in your research?